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Hi My Beautiful People!

Category: Books and Stories

Hiiii🖤✊🏼🤍 I know it’s been a while. Wish I could say I was off on some spectacular adventure, but no.  Nothing so extravagant.  ONE thing I have been up to, is re-reading my first book.  I did that. I wrote a book! Wowwww, I know. It’s actually the first book in a series of 3 books that could turn into a series of 7 books.  I guess, the dream would be to create a universe like Anne Rice and so man... » Continue Reading

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New Moon Leo Rituals

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Hello My Beautiful People!  Tonight is the New Moon in Leo ♌️  It’s been a powerful month for manifestors and it’s coming to a head in the next two weeks Plant those feet Set those intentions And enjoy the moment  Manifestation is at an all time high But theShadow work is absolutely necessary, too, like always  And the dream space has been hyper active! Getting blasted with energy is more like it ... » Continue Reading

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Witchy Corners ✨

Category: Blogging

Witchy Corners ✨ This is my kung fu🦦 It’s all about theAtmosphere If you find yourSelf fundamentally miserable in your existence, you likely hate your surroundings… We’ll leave the rest out for now And focus on that » Continue Reading

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— 2 Kudos

Thanks for accepting!

Category: Friends

Hi to everyone who accepted my friend requests!  Hiiii! New Moon in Leo tomorrow. Super stoked for the tarot readings and working with this new energy It’s been a bit of a rough couple weeks Things just feel really unstable in the world, like we’re preparing for something big Some big change Can’t wait to see what comes thru in theElementals Gang ganggg S » Continue Reading

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I’m watching Queen of the Damned 😭RIP Aaliyah

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Omg who influenced a young EBINOTTI more than Aaliyah I do a series on YouTube called Accident, Suicide, or Something Shady inspired by Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Mystery, & Makeup So epic right! So proud of myself for going for it Anyway, I did an episode on Aaliyah, obviously 🤍✊🏼🖤 We look at the official story of her death, like we do with all the celebrities in the series, and decide if… we’ll, we... » Continue Reading

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Full Moon Rituals

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

It’s late and I’m just hangin out so I wanted to check in and see how the full moon is treating everyone and talk about some of my full moon rituals I think it’s really important to try to work with theElements and find balance and alignment in our lives So especially around the full moon I love doing my bathing rituals. Salt baths are amazing and have so many physical benefits that you can look u... » Continue Reading

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