New Moon Leo Rituals

Hello My Beautiful People! 

Tonight is the New Moon in Leo ♌️ 

It’s been a powerful month for manifestors and it’s coming to a head in the next two weeks

Plant those feet

Set those intentions

And enjoy the moment 

Manifestation is at an all time high

But theShadow work is absolutely necessary, too, like always 

And the dream space has been hyper active! Getting blasted with energy is more like it lol

🖤The Inner Child work is coming in for the shadow work this moon cycle 

✊🏼So deep dive into your fears, or into your childhood/ inner child wounding in any way that feels right for you

🤍We’re here as a collective to support your progress and your healing

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Have an amazing moon cycle my divines. I’ll be around as much as possible to talk rituals, rites, and of course, the Tarot.

If you Do check out theChannel, sweet! And, I’ll see you in your readinggg

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I’ve got a couple different formats and many different pricing options. Tune in✨

Xx, E

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