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league of legumes

Category: Games

i'm playing some arurf b4 bed :3c » Continue Reading

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another day - recent valentine dragon squish haul

Category: Life

ive been getting a lot of dragons lately o-o theres so many valentines options! i almost cried in the fred meyer today tho because i wanted 3 different dragons but i could only get 1 :( it was a very sad moment. i havent quite been the same since. ive also been dreading tomorrow cuz i have to drive 2 towns over for work which means i need to wake up so early!!!! the good news, however, is that i g... » Continue Reading

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my day

Category: Blogging

i think i had a pretty good day! work was sooo slow which means my brain wasnt too tired at the end of it. one of my coworkers made me a paper fortune teller. i also did my food log for therapy! i had a big ass burrito for lunch and pork for dinner. uhhhh i also went to the gym last second and did 30 minutes on the stair stepper. now im watching breaking bad. im kinda hungry again LOL most importa... » Continue Reading

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stolen survey :3

Category: Quiz/Survey

1. Are you questioning still? no! 2. Are you in the closet? no! 3. Do you live in a transphobic and/or homophobic household? not anymore 🌝 4. Do you have any lgbtqia+ friends? yes 5. Are you cisgender? no :] 6. If you’re comfortable with saying what’s your sexuality? im a lesbian 7. If you’re comfortable saying what’s your gender? just dragon  8. What are your pronouns? it/its 9. Have you heard ve... » Continue Reading

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sleepy dragon

Category: Life

i am sleepy. soon i shall be sleep……ing :] » Continue Reading

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beep boop

Category: Life

my sister is moving in with me! i haven't seen her for 2 years o_o » Continue Reading

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