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stolen survey :3

1. Are you questioning still?


2. Are you in the closet?


3. Do you live in a transphobic and/or homophobic household?

not anymore 🌝

4. Do you have any lgbtqia+ friends?


5. Are you cisgender?

no :]

6. If you’re comfortable with saying what’s your sexuality?

im a lesbian

7. If you’re comfortable saying what’s your gender?

just dragon 

8. What are your pronouns?


9. Have you heard verbatim by mother mother?

not my fav by them but i have heard it

10. Do you like rainbows?


11. Any favorite lgbtqia+ musicians and/or band?

i think hayley kiyoko

12. Are you out to anybody?

everyone but grandma o.o

13. Do you like frogs (not related but still)?

yes :3

14. Have you ever cried to a Cavetown song?

uuuug yes once. i also cut my hair LOL

15. Do you understand gay humor?


16. When did you realize you were lgbtqia+?

ummmm summer before freshman year of hs

17. Do you want a platonic partner?

i dont think so 🤨 i dont get close to ppl like that lmao

18. Are you aroace?


19. Have you ever been misgendered?

its kinda built in to my day to day since i refuse to tell anyone my prns irl 💀

20. Are you amazing? (Cause you really are trust me)

sometimes 🌝

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