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fighting for my life to make teh sims 3 work

Category: Games

ive been messing with this on and off for over a week now -_- first dlc issue and now hardware issues -_- the sims 3 is so horrifically optimized and EA is no help in any way... what an annoying and common problem. has anyone else on here had issues with the sims 3? i love the game to death and i wish i could play it again on my new PC. my resolved issue is installation of expansions and my curren... » Continue Reading

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my own art from these past couple years:)

Category: Art and Photography

wanted2 post my art but i dont draw allllllll that much lately orthe past year (work kicked my ass..) butithoughttheres no harm inposting olderstuff too:) SOME of this is new, some is 1-2 yrs, yknow.. ill post oldest to newest . csm stuff is from this year def tho! OBVS not all ive drawn inthe past couple years but the nicest ones andthe ones that are already public on my tumblr page (roobit)... h... » Continue Reading

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twilight sparkle art new and old

Category: Art and Photography

EDIT: THE IMAGES HERE SEEM TO HAVE BROKEN!!!!!! OH NO! drew these today with my mouse while hanging out w my gf :) i love drawing twilight w my mouse drew THIS one a little over a year ago but its still one of my fvorite things if anyone wants to see more of my art i mainly post on my tumblr @ roobit.. » Continue Reading

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cartoons ive been up to.. and excited for

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

been a fun past few months for cartoons :) me and my wife justtt finished up chainsaw man season 1.. real excited for season 2.. it had SO MUCH me and my wife love in stories. holding out on manga for a few months until we get an announcment..but well see if i cave ( ido read fujimotos other works though :)) i showed my wife mob psycho!! which im so happy i did,and im so happy he likes it! its the... » Continue Reading

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favorite underrated ds game? or ds game with inactive/small fanbase

Category: Games

im asking cos one of my favorite games EVER is ghost trick: phantom detective, but theres SO LITTLE about it online, fan wise. anyone who plays it speaks positively but theres not too much in the way of active discussion or fan art. but other than that, its hard to find people who HAVE played it, and its a shame because its super super cool. i try to get fellow ace attorney fans into it, since its... » Continue Reading

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