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fighting for my life to make teh sims 3 work

ive been messing with this on and off for over a week now -_- first dlc issue and now hardware issues -_- the sims 3 is so horrifically optimized and EA is no help in any way... what an annoying and common problem.

has anyone else on here had issues with the sims 3? i love the game to death and i wish i could play it again on my new PC. my resolved issue is installation of expansions and my current issue is my pc making noises and getting too hot when playing.. ive forced vsync and triple buffering on to no avail..looking on so many support forums.. i mostly had to fix the expansion pack thing on my own, but i dontthink i can manage this myself -_- heres to hoping i figure it out.

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neo ଘ( ˊ_ˋ)

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omg sims 3 is a nightmare to run lol. i really like it too, but i can't play it on anything other than a brand new laptop :( my old laptop used to be able to run it but as it aged it just couldn't handle ts3... and that's WITHOUT custom content!

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ive got a expensive pc that can run a lot of shit but bc of its poor optimization sims 3 has likea rly small window of the devices it runs peak on -_- u rly have to troubleshoot a ton to get it to work without making ur pc get too hot or just kinda be loud.. at least im not a sims 2 player, the shit my gf is going thru to have set that up seems tedious as hell LOL

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Had also problems with sims 3 (even before sims 4 dropped) I can recommend asking for help on reddit in r/sims.

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yaa im def gonna have 2 troubleshoot on there -_- mainly been in other tech forums bc the sims subreddit is rly 4 focused atm

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