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// dni

Category: Friends

hi welcome to my dni list  (( idc if u think its long or useless,, this is my page  » Continue Reading

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// abt me !!

Category: Friends

hii thnx for taking the time to read this,, im bebe !!      im a abrosex ual sapphic (this  means im always attract » Continue Reading

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// ughhh

Category: Blogging

this guy at school is annoying -_- when i was heading to art he was frolicking ,, like an idiot ,, he jumped onto me and didn't evn apologize and b4 this ,, during class ,, he kept stretching his arms back (because he was sitting in front of me) plus he kept touching my hair 4 no reason too >:l   he then had the nerve to ask if i would ,, "fw him"  why do all the ugly deformed dudez like me T_T » Continue Reading

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// the diversity of space hey

Category: Friends

i find it fascinating how people of all backgrounds use space hey ,, on one side of the spectrum u have 13 year old scene kids then theres people WITH (GRAND)CHILDREN the diversity of this site scares me :angel_emoji: » Continue Reading

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// nervous for high school ramble

Category: School, College, University

even tho i have like 5 more months left of school im so nervous for freshman year XC  my mom wants to enroll me into one of the most rigorous high-schools in my city and like im so scared that everyone there is gunna b like idk how to explainn it :C  i guess the best way to describe it is like ,, "all work no play"  i find it super hard to even talk and when i do talk its mostly in a joking / play... » Continue Reading

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