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Retro Social Sites, Webrings and Other Websites Master Post

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

If you're looking for a social site to be part of that isn't Facebook, Instagram or god knows what else, or you want to surf the 'net by looking through some webrings this blog might help. I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of social sites and webrings for people who are looking to join some. I've edited it to add a few more websites. I hope you enjoy 'em!!! 2nd Edit: 2 People told me... » Continue Reading

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scene kid survey!

Category: Quiz/Survey

feel free 2 steal ! ★彡what r ur fav bands/artists?彡★ ★彡what is ur fav item of clothing?彡★ ★彡how many piercings do u have? 彡★ ★彡have u ever dyed ur hair?彡★ ★彡who r ur fav emo/scene queens/kings/royalties? 彡★ ★彡who r ur fav pop culture cartoon characters? (by this i mean hello kitty, domo, gir etc)彡★ ★彡have u ever cut ur own hair? 彡★ ★彡can u name all the members of MCR? 彡★ ★彡what r ur fav classic ni... » Continue Reading

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New features pt.2

Category: SpaceHey

So i think there shod be a photo//video sharing feature on here? Does anyone agree on this. Cos on mainstream social media u have to worry about being cringe and all that but kn here the community is rly loving and accepting so i don't thing it would be a bad idea?  Plsplspls spread the word if u agree :* » Continue Reading

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Click here if u bored

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Bored? Over 13y.o.? Scene kid? Wanna be a scene queen/king? Then this group is the thing you're missing out on. https://groups.spacehey.com/aspiringscenequeens Share your scemo selfies, write random stuff, ask questions, get advice, and best of all get to know other emo/scene kids just like you. Oh and if you join, I'll send you a friend request. Thank u:3 » Continue Reading

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