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Retro Social Sites, Webrings and Other Websites Master Post

If you're looking for a social site to be part of that isn't Facebook, Instagram or god knows what else, or you want to surf the 'net by looking through some webrings this blog might help. I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of social sites and webrings for people who are looking to join some.

I've edited it to add a few more websites. I hope you enjoy 'em!!!

2nd Edit: 2 People told me that Vidlii is full of racism, so I've removed it. Please don't use Vidlii.

Retro Social Sites (other than Spacehey)

Nuclearboom: A website which has features of both YouTube and Myspace/Spacehey, such as groups, blogs, forums, photos, videos, etc. I think it is quite underrated.

Bitview: A clone of an early YouTube.

RetroBook: Like a mid-2000s Facebook, but if Facebook was a good social medium.

FriendProject: A clone of Myspace - I don't know much about it because I haven't made an account on it.

OpenVK: A clone of the social site, Vkontakte, which was sort of like a Russian Facebook.

Neocities: A clone of the old website Geocities. On Neocities, you can make your own website using HTML / CSS and check out other people's websites.

Newgrounds: A 90s social website (that was made in 1995 and is still good) where you can submit your games, art, blogs, audio and check out other people's projects.

Slink.Chat: A chat site inspired by the Windows 95 Instant Messenger.

Blips: A late 2000s version of Twitter. If Twitter was a good social medium.

Multiverse: A place where you can make posts about whatever you like and however you like, and everything from the aesthetic of the site itself, your posts and the font of your name is highly customizable. Multiverse has no social element to it so it's a very peaceful site.


The Useless Web: A webring consisting of websites that are hilariously useless. It's fun looking around and seeing how useless each website can get. Submitting any website to The Useless Web is free.

Href.Cool: "The final heartbeats of our beloved World Wide Web."

Gossip's Web: "the directory of handmade webpages". You have to pay to be a part of this webring.

The Restronaut Webring: Try going to a random site by clicking the link on the homepage or add your site for free.

Other Websites

Listography: A personal "list maker" that has been running since the 2000s.

Vistaserv: An amazing website to make your own website without having to learn any coding. If you do know HTML / CSS you can still make a website by coding it.

GifCities: A site made by Internet Archive of Geocities Animated Gifs.

Internet Archive: An amazing website of archives that has been preserving the internet for over 20 years. It's a non-profit site where you can watch films, use the Wayback Machine (a feature/site that lets you look at old archives of websites), download music, and much more. A lot of you probably already know this site - find blinkies and change the text, font and text colour to create a personal blinkie. Then you can download it and paste it anywhere.

Cursors-4U: An old but good site where you can easily navigate through lots of different cursors, download them or use them on your website. There are lots of themes, such as cartoons, anime, video games, or just really cool 90s-style cursors.

Glitter Graphics: A website where people upload their own blinkies, stickers, gifs, sparkles, etc.

Picmix: Miss Blingee? Picmix basically works the same way, but without Flash, so it's super easy to use - AND it actually works!

Quotev: A site that's been around since the 2000s where you can make quizzes, write stories, join groups, etc.

Webcam Toy: A website that works on both computer and mobile where you can take photos using your phone/computer's front-facing camera. There are over 80 filters to choose from, and you can share or download your images.

Remoji: "An emoji party on your screen!" There are retro-style emojis and if you can, you can copy their image link and use them on a website or Spacehey page. You could also turn it into a cursor if you know how.

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Lill Jester

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Thank you!! This list is so sick!!

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this is epic

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Omgg I didn't know Vidii was racist as I use that site and am POC, yikes time to delete my account-

But besides that, this is legit the best post, so many sites I wanna join now, thx!! <3

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this list is rly good but u should rly remove vidii the site is literally filled w actual white supremacists not even exaggerating like the comment sections on a lot of the videos is filled with the n word w hard r amongst other things so like uhhhhhh

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I'll remove it and pin the comment in case there are any people who use Vidlii.

by Crash Test Dummy!1; ; Report

jing yi

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u forgot listography! its a personal website builder. its been up n running since the early 2000s :3

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kewl! i'll add it rn!!

by Crash Test Dummy!1; ; Report


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These are so cool !!!

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EEE this is so fuckin' neAT!

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love this

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thanks but! vidlli is full to bursting with racist and bitview is broken! if you need to find more websites lmk i have a list

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ya one of the first thingz I saw waz n@zis and gore

by Twi !! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧; ; Report


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omg the useless websites made my day XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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the useless web is a classic. :D

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This is fantastic thank you

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