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Vibing in the work day

Category: Blogging

Work has been going pretty good. The special projects I've been given have gone over well. Also in the middle of my mid-year evaluation. Tbh this is the 1st job I've had that truly follows like a corporation office style. My old job? Had to go to boss man like 'can we talk about my pay?' 'oh we'll talk about it later' And have to come back in a week to "remind" him. Like pulling teeth , which I su... » Continue Reading

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SELECTED for a Special project

Category: Blogging

I guess I've been doing pretty good at work. A email came through that open enrollment is coming up for a group we work with and they're expecting some additional support will be needed to man the chat channel.  So me and another coworker are getting trained Friday on how to assist and it seems it'll be just us two. That coworker was the one who trained me, so Idk I'm curious to see how that goes ... » Continue Reading

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House of Leaves - Horror movie protagonist syndrome

Category: Books and Stories

So me and my best bud have been reading House of Leaves. Kinda a mini bookclub if you will. And I am loving this book, I adore that everyone I've seen discuss it normally does so without giving anything away. We talk about the book on our podcast and I can't wait to record the next episode cause lord. Shit has gone down. Although I just gotta ask myself, if I had a mysterious, infinite darkness ha... » Continue Reading

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Sharing our podcast - Two Gremlins One Braincell

Category: Podcast

So me and my best friend do a podcast. It's like a private dairy for the two of us, but not private. Not always the most structured at times either, but hey we try. If you like hearing about books, fanfics, or just chatter of two dummies trying hard to stay on topic, maybe you'd like to give us a try. Don't we all like overhearing other people's chats? Don't lie, I know you do. Then our pod may be... » Continue Reading

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Sunday hangout

Category: Blogging

Today was good. It was rainy but picked up just my one peep, Ox and we grabbed some food. Honestly, Olive Garden really gets laughed at for restaurants but damn. They aren't bad, they really be popping with their soups. We went to the bookstore and I bought a shit ton of books. Thankfully made some good store credit from selling some of my old stuff. Plus I got some copies I've had my eyes on so I... » Continue Reading

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Saturday hangout

Category: Blogging

Alright, I think I'll do like a little blog dairy or something. I think this is the right category. Yesterday was nice. I got my hubs to wake up and dealt with the puppy before we headed out to grab our peeps for a hangout day. We were pretty tired and a bit sunburnt, surprisingly he was more burnt than I was. We all went to a brunch then beep bopped around the mall. It was nice. Originally our pl... » Continue Reading

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Bit about me and my current life updates

Category: Life

Guess I'll make a little personal blog now that I'm getting more into how this site works. It's a nice little break to play on this site.  Me and my husband recently bought my mom's old house. You'd think it'd feel weirder living in my childhood home. But it really doesn't. It's comforting in a way. I'm already aware of how this old house is (it's a house from the 50s so safe to say, old as shit )... » Continue Reading

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New to Spacehey

Category: Blogging

Trying out some of the new things on here. With a lot of social media dying, and so many new sites just popping up . It's kind of hard to find someplace new to just be especially sites that are not immediately dead or empty . Feels like actual people are on here! Hang out, observe, and enjoy the feeling of other content and people. This place is pretty cool though. I was shocked seeing this, but i... » Continue Reading

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