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Category: Blogging

im going to florida for sprign break, in fact my flight leaves in like 4 hours. i had to drop off my dog at a kennel. i feel very anxious. she's never been to a kennel before, and she probably is very scared and confused, and i feel so bad to leave her there. i feel horrible, and sad. if anything happens to her, i will be across the country for a week and i wont be able to help. i wont be there fo... » Continue Reading

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what do i do

Category: Friends

(for context): i have this one friend named jon and he's friends with this girl named ari i got called a faggot (i am pan i can say it dont cancel me on twittah!!11!!) and told that i will go to hell and that nobody loves me because i am "an lgbt" by my friend's friend's friend, chris, he's friends with ari. i told ari and jon, and they did not care. jon didn't respond and ari said "hot". what do ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

today was a very good day i live in wisconsin and for context it's usually snowing in march. but it's like 60 » Continue Reading

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animal crossing

Category: Games

so i have been addicted to animal crossing since i got it in christmas. but now literally all of a sudden i feel a strong distaste to play it. it just feels so boring all of a sudden?!?! does that make sense?!?! i dont know but its weird. i try to play it, but i just stop after like 15 minutes. i have to make myself play instead of playing for hours on end and into the night. i literally have over... » Continue Reading

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