animal crossing

so i have been addicted to animal crossing since i got it in christmas. but now literally all of a sudden i feel a strong distaste to play it. it just feels so boring all of a sudden?!?! does that make sense?!?! i dont know but its weird. i try to play it, but i just stop after like 15 minutes. i have to make myself play instead of playing for hours on end and into the night. i literally have over 200 hours on it. idk? is this normal?!?! it's never really happened

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this happens to me too. I played it so much for like a month after I got it and now I can't touch it. sometimes I get inspired to play again, but it never lasts.

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happened to me last Christmas, I played everyday for maybe 10 hours (ik, it was bad) and I haven’t really played it much after that, maybe a few times a month but I still love it if that makes sense??

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yeah i kin eugene, idk if u know him
im still active in the fandom but i just stopped playing it

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