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Category: SpaceHey

So there's a viral blog post about this small but thriving community of pro shippers/com-shippers making groups and fanart of things depicting incest, pedophilia, lolicon, shotacon, and more!! This is a BIG issue of children interacting with adults/almost adults who are grooming them into thinking this stuff is okay. We need more people talking about it.  There's even this specific person in every... » Continue Reading

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Weird Thought but

Category: Blogging

What if everyone on spacehey made tumblr sexy men, but they weren’t sexy just the opposite (but they’d still be called sexy). For example: “ZOMG!!! He’s so HOT!” I think it would be silly. » Continue Reading

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Top 10 favorite skrunglies

Category: Blogging

Hi everyone and welcome to my new series called; "Top 10 by Chewie"!! I'm your hostess, Chewie. Today I will be ranking my favorite characters by their skrungliness.  10: Puppycat The reason Puppycat is so low ranked is that he's a jerky butt face who hates bugs and tried punching kittens. But the reason why he is even on here is because of his fun round shape, his Vocaloid voice,  and his cute ba... » Continue Reading

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Person again

Category: Art and Photography

ME BUT COOL  K that's all BYE!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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Things I want to do on here

Category: Blogging

Make a mini-series Post art/doodles Make cheesy fanfics about mine/other's OCs Make a news channel thing for news on Spacehey Become semi-popular Top ten lists Sh*t-post Make my own gifs/blinkies That's it bye.   » Continue Reading

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