So there's a viral blog post about this small but thriving community of pro shippers/com-shippers making groups and fanart of things depicting incest, pedophilia, lolicon, shotacon, and more!! This is a BIG issue of children interacting with adults/almost adults who are grooming them into thinking this stuff is okay. We need more people talking about it. 

There's even this specific person in every pro-ship group gawking at these artworks or stories made by mainly children on this site and getting upset because people are trying to make this safe place from deviants like them.

this is the person in question (please report them and don't interact with them ):

They claim that Pro-shipping (or any other thing related) doesn't affect the real world when it in fact does. It not only gives people ptsd, it also normalizes that stuff!!! That's why there's so much incest pron getting searched up on the daily (not to mention the incest game -_-).

If you want to know more, go to the original blog post here:

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HI WOW I didn’t expect someone to link my blog. Thank u for the boost + support!!

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No probs and I really hope Spacehey takes action

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