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Top 10 favorite skrunglies

Hi everyone and welcome to my new series called; "Top 10 by Chewie"!! I'm your hostess, Chewie. Today I will be ranking my favorite characters by their skrungliness. 

10: Puppycat

The reason Puppycat is so low ranked is that he's a jerky butt face who hates bugs and tried punching kittens. But the reason why he is even on here is because of his fun round shape, his Vocaloid voice,  and his cute baby face.


9: Jabali

I know nothing about this character nor the game he is from, but when I saw a video of his being a skrunkly, I knew I had to put him on this list. He even does that anime girl finger thing!

 (That phrasing tho 0. o) 


8: Shy guy

I adored shy guys ever since I saw him in a Mario game; I even main him on Mario kart 8 ^^!! He makes cute noises and jumps around like me whenever I'm happy! But what is under that mask??? Unrelated but I want this plush

7: Luigi

On the topic of Mario, let's talk about his epic brother. Luigi was my favorite growing up and was the best at every Mario party minigame by doing nothing. He saved his brother many times from the handsome king boo, has an evil counterpart (Mr. L), and has a slime version of himself. Now that is why he's the best Mario brother. Besides, look at his awesome dance moves.

6: Oswald

I never watched Oswald a lot growing up, but during the pandemic, I watched the show out of curiosity with my sister, and it was the most wholesome and uplifting show I've ever seen. Oswald is so friendly to everyone and has a hotdog as a pet!! It's a shame that it never got a season 2 because it was canceled, but it's available to watch on WCOanime.com, so watch it if you want something to sleep to or like octopi.

5: Two

I remember hating two when I first saw him because I was a big Four stan but seeing him in his own show, they just... grew on me. They are why kinder than Four and appreciate the contestants by actually talking to them. (Personal, I think his intros slap and would love an extension of them :). )

4: Emmet

He is "The special" and kin him ( I also don't like being lonely or useless to people) 

3: Kirby

Who doesn't love this pink gumball god that took over the world with his cuteness and awesome games? His original name was Popopo like that is already too cute!! Kirby also had three other colored variants so MORE KIRBY!!! Kirby is the ultimate cute-core icon beside hello kitty. Did you guys know Kirby had an anime? Comment if you did!!

2: Sackboy

Ok, everyone who is reading this. I'm literally Sackboy. If you saw me in real life, I would be him. We're legit the same person. Also, I would love to live in his soft fluffy world and just exist happily with no problems besides otherworldly beings.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for

The best of the best, the funniest of funny

The Perfect Skrungly goes to...


Bye, everyone!!! 

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