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Kin List ^•^

Category: Blogging

This is my list of kins! Will update with more when I remember them! My Edgy Kins: Hunter from The Owl House, my ultimate kin, my "literally me kin" we share everything (except hair color UNFORTUNATELY) » Continue Reading

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Colleging is stressful as hell

Category: School, College, University

Im not even in classes yet and this shit is already abt to give me grey hairs 😭 Legit there are so many things where its just like “nobody told me I was supposed to do this, how was I supposed to know?” It’s exhausting and feels like im just waving around in the dark hoping I grab onto something. If I had went when I was 18 they wouldve been walking me through this stuff but because im like 3 year... » Continue Reading

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Going to College This Fall 😭

Category: School, College, University

Im terrified! It doesn’t help that ive been out of the game for like 3 years so now I feel like everyones gonna judge me for not being a traditional student, but also I have no idea what im doing and barely any help since they mostly focus on the 18 yr olds. They also straight up don’t have dearly as many scholarships if ur over 20, it’s ridiculous! Im getting next to no aid even tho me and my mom... » Continue Reading

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Kitties :0

Category: Pets and Animals

Woke up with these two cuties beside me today >w < » Continue Reading

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My First Blog!

Category: Games

Finished Fire Emblem Awakening yesterday, and now I can officially add it to my favorite games of all time! This was my first Fire Emblem game and I really enjoyed the characters (Chrom my beloved). If you haven't played it I highly recommend! I'm also super excited for the big run event in Splatoon 3 since I missed the one in December. The new fresh season also looks awesome, I can't wait to use ... » Continue Reading

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