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The Wisdom of Dogs

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I aspire to be as joyful and alive to the present moment as a dog with it's head hanging out a car window. » Continue Reading

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Feminine Hygiene Kits for Gaza

Category: News and Politics

Please go here to donate towards feminine hygiene kits for Gaza! » Continue Reading

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Support for Gaza

Category: News and Politics

The Freedom Flotilla is sailing soon, delivering much-needed supplies - food, medicine, etc - to the Palestianian people. They need your support. Please consider donating here . Another dollar is another tin of soup for a starving child. And if you go » Continue Reading

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The Moon

Category: Writing and Poetry

I hope when you find yourself alone in the dark, you will remember the moon. » Continue Reading

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Financial Crimes of Staggering Enormity

Category: News and Politics

"...people steer away from and stigmatize Black neighbourhoods as crime-ridden streets where you might have your wallet stolen. But they aspire to move into up-scale White neighborhoods, home to white-collar criminals and `banksters,' as Thom Hartmann calls them, who might steal your life savings. Americans lost trillions during the Great Recession, which was largely triggered by financial crimes ... » Continue Reading

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A Spoonie New Year's Eve

Category: Life

I'm a spoonie. I don't remember what I did for New Year's Eve last year. In fact, of the last several years, only a few stand out. Usually my friends are partying while I stay home. I miss out on a lot of stuff. But this night has so much hype around it, and it can feel lonely and sad that I'm not out there creating memories with what feels like everyone else.  Again this year I had to sit out ano... » Continue Reading

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