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Category: Blogging

I might start making a diary here just to tell y'all how my day was and what happened IF something interesting happens ^-^ » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I just finished making cookies and they are SOOOO GOOD!! They are like crunchy on the side but soft in the middle. AND IT WAS MY FIRST TIME. Technically. Well I made a batch a while ago but I used baking powder instead of baking soda. They were hard as rocks even aft dunking it in milk. I cried a little. Ok I cried a lot but you would to if you did something as dumb as that. I tried again the next... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I hate school. I hate it so much. The people here sucks and I ONLY HAVE 4FRIENDS!! The worst part is I can only see those friends on b days. It's an a day today and it's sooooo boring. I have nothing to do but blog and hope for something to happen. I'm currently in tech class and my teacher sucks so much. He wants me to make a cable cart BY MYSELF! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! I can't do that all alone! ... » Continue Reading

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cock talk

Category: Friends

i have something to say about one of my friends, cock talk. YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR LAYOUT!!! ill give you more time and text you via snapchat too. actually, im not sure if you did it or not yet. probably not who knows. wait i can look after posting this lol. plan on playing roblox with you later too so if you see this text me so i can remember. hope you get well lots of love » Continue Reading

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Hello c:

Category: Friends

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and to say if you want to text someone as lonely as me just do it lol. » Continue Reading

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