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I just finished making cookies and they are SOOOO GOOD!! They are like crunchy on the side but soft in the middle. AND IT WAS MY FIRST TIME. Technically.

Well I made a batch a while ago but I used baking powder instead of baking soda. They were hard as rocks even aft dunking it in milk. I cried a little. Ok I cried a lot but you would to if you did something as dumb as that.

I tried again the next day but didn't work out either. I didn't use enough butter or brown sugar. It sucks. I thought it was going to be the best cookies ever. Buuuttt it wasn't. I cried too.

The last batch, the one that was the best, had all the right ingredients. The only problem was I couldn't find the whisk so I had to use a fork. It was still useful surprisingly.

The cookies are for my lunch friends. I promised them it awhile ago but never made them. They are going to LOVE me more! And I find it super cute when they call me Anna as a nickname. They yell it too which makes it even more funny.

But omg two of my lunch friends are dating and I am jealous. Like don't get me wrong I love them with all my heart but I want someone to love me like how they love each other. Being single sucks and I've been single for 4 months now and I'm getting bored of my single life. I might start going out and flirting with anyone I can.

Got off topic again but anyways byeeee!!(◡‿◡✿)

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