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I hate school. I hate it so much. The people here sucks and I ONLY HAVE 4FRIENDS!! The worst part is I can only see those friends on b days. It's an a day today and it's sooooo boring. I have nothing to do but blog and hope for something to happen. I'm currently in tech class and my teacher sucks so much. He wants me to make a cable cart BY MYSELF! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! I can't do that all alone! That's why I'm not doing it. I don't care if I fail this class I can easily take it next year. Plus I still have 2 more quarters left to pass. My next class is government. Like I don't care about what some dead racist guy did when I could be out there doing something. Making my OWN history. But oh well I only have 2 more years of this then I'm out. I can't wait. I plan on going to college for cooking just so I can own my own bakery or cafe. It'll be amazing. I need a part time job soon tho just to save enough money for it. I got off track but who cares this is my dream in life.

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