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they/them asexual and reciproromantic

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ok guys so the

Category: Life

the :) :D XD uwu moment haha lol omg so funny yea ok you the when rofl rofl (: :) = 7w QUESTION MARK equal 99999998 monke animale fards!!!! who can argee?!?!??@!> also el + bozo + ratio + ur bad + ur done + ur mom + yb better + shut up + ueriokjfadklrejk89if (and also minion mcdonaldes amoung u 7 chiken nugtee at 3:333 ArM!!!!1!) h » Continue Reading

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HaPpY 2022034 yeaRTHDAY!!

Category: Parties and Nightlife

awesome, a nother year in earth time, is, h, my resolution is to end amogus jokes, and ive been starting to do that. also did you know that monke fard!?!? O_O OMG 100 » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

H , or  h , is the eighth  letter  in the  ISO basic Latin alphabet . Its name in English is  aitch  (pronounced  / ˈ eɪ tʃ / , plural  aitches ), or regionally  haitch   / ˈ h eɪ tʃ / . [1] » Continue Reading

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QW&*(IUY(YTU&*%R&HYUB^TYFNERU JGWT(B*F45 [gone wrong]

Category: Religion and Philosophy

how do i publish a bolg enty pls help me [edit:i know omaba's lass naem] » Continue Reading

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Very sad stories that are personal

Category: Life

hello, if you have found this please leave. this is personal. stories are below |    |                            V  V AMOGUS AMONG US SUSSY IMPOSTER VENT TASKS HAHA DING DING DING DING DING DING DING- DING DUH DING- doong DONG » Continue Reading

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