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16 y.o. trans-girl from Poland ^~^

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Kitty :3

Category: Pets and Animals

Say hi to my little kitty (=^・ω・^=) I lov her » Continue Reading

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Finally healthy ^^

Category: Life

I think i'm finally cured after a week of being sick ^ω^ Might start talking on vc and streaming soon (on twitter and the discord server) :3c » Continue Reading

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New headphones ·ω·

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i just recieved my new headphones and omgg they are so awesome and have such strong bass sjkdfnkjsdhkf ^>ω » Continue Reading

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So cuddly .﹏.

Category: Life

My blanket smeels so good and is so cuddly - whenever i hug it i just mrrrp murr purrr hmff~ >ω < Makes me nyaa uncontrolably .ω. Please someone hug me and cuddle with me i want this so much q ωp » Continue Reading

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Songs i've collected .ᴗ.

Category: Music

I've downloaded some songs i listen to and split some playlists to save them on my phone and decided i could share them here ^ᴗ^ I don't know the titles of some songs so i just made them up based on their lyrics Upbeat songs ( ^ω^ )    racing into the night    ruru's suicide show on a livestream    what if it isn't a slave    friendship (deltarune)    friendship - piano (also deltarune .w.) Calm s... » Continue Reading

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Cookies ^w^

Category: Food and Restaurants

I baked my first cookies this month and came out delicious as always :3 Edit: ate all of them the same day » Continue Reading

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