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matching pfps????

Category: Friends

if any friends know splatoon ad wanna have matching pfps please respod to me, our trio is deepcut pls! » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

they/them./she/her/amor/amors/amorself Panromantic Aroflux  » Continue Reading

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Picnic Day (1/3/22)

Category: Blogging

So this monday, we had our picnic scheduled. Since it was winter we had our picnic in Dahlias´ lakehouse, I had to go to school first. After school, I was eager to get ready. I had put on this really red outfit, other than my white blouse, and my signature brooch...I actually have no idea how I got this brooch. I brang this very light, red patterned blanket. I also brang raspberries and blueberrie... » Continue Reading

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Garden of Opulence

Category: Friends

SO UHM. Iḿ making a group called the Garden Of Opulence, We currently have Azalea-Shrub, Aster-Plant,Tiger-Lily, Deadly-Nightshade, Hemlock-Plant ( not the hemlock with the emojis) and Me, Carmine-Rose. If youd like to joion comment down on this entry! » Continue Reading

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Favorite Pokemon

Category: Games

1.Lilligant 2. Roserade 3. Gardevoir 4. Petilil 5.Whimsicott 6.Maractus 7.Cottonee 8.Leavanny 9.Leafeon 10.Bellossom 11. Mismagmius 12.Cincinno 13. Cherrim 14. Budew 15.Gothitelle 16.Mincinno 17.Sewaddle 18. JumPluff 19.Klefki (Alohan) 20.Amoonguss ( HAHHAHAHAHAH) 21.Emolga 22.Litwick 23.Jellicent 24.Reuniclus 25. Skitty 26.Alcremie 27: Slurpuff Thats the end.    IM SO COOL!!!! anyways! Whats your... » Continue Reading

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Tiny hans

Category: Art and Photography

I draw such tiny little hands, i should draw them bigger! (〃>_<;〃) » Continue Reading

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