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"Plotting world domination with Ad, playing DOOM or sleeping."

He/him. I've been on this planet for a while. Icon picture is me.

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Survey because why not? :P

Category: Quiz/Survey

Name: Cal. Age: Twenty. Email: Just IM me here or on Discord. :P *The Survey* Q. What's ur Fav. Color? A. Red. Since black is not a color and all. Q. What's ur Fav. Food? A. Honestly? Probably pasta without anything else. Just fucking pasta. That's it. Q. Do you have a G/F or B/F ? A. Yeah, Ad is my boyfriend. Q. Have you ever Been in Love ? A. Yeah. Q. Have you liked Someone so much it made ya cr... » Continue Reading

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New pics of me (photodump)

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

The sandwich and me say FUCK YOU!!! Middlefinger to tha sky. OoOoh, so mYsteRioUS!!1! My one eye looks lighter because my hair's in front of it, lol. I look so done here, haha. Blocking out da Sun. Run from my finger gun. I know I always do the same poses. Don't mention it. Wanted to look all k00L with my bullet, but I look like Morpheus handing you a fucking pill. Return of the mid-split? Lost we... » Continue Reading

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Long time no see (photodump)

Category: Art and Photography

Alright, phone reveal. I have an iPhone 6s. This is because modern iPhones are ugly as Hell. Also, yes, the case doesn't fit great. Whatever. Rate my new T-shirt. When my hair's wet I just kind of look like a wet dog. Fluffy. Look at me being completely WINTERIZED. No love for a brother. » Continue Reading

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Beauty is in the art of the beholder

Category: Art and Photography

Art dump with some of the things I've doodled lately, in order of when I drew them. By far not a complete list, so more blogs might come soon, lol. Doodles I made of myself with hairstyles I've had. :] Quick evening doodle I did of two characters from collectibles you could collect at a Dutch grocery store in 2010. What? Neurodivergent? Me? He's a phantom! Danny Phantom! And now, for the DIGITAL A... » Continue Reading

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Christmas party photodump

Category: Art and Photography

The Christmas party at skool sucked, but at least the photos are somewhat kool. Cree 'n' me. Fuck you all!!! Someone's going to space. Security came for our asses right after this. :P Da crew. Just me and the other ghosts... Peas 'n' luv. Guess my drink. Cree got artsy with this one. Slipping in and out of reality. Blur. » Continue Reading

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Photodump from last week

Category: Art and Photography

"QUESTION THE ANSWER" Trying to not get stabbed in the eyes by a stick my comrade's attacking me with. Schnow. Guarding the exit. Who dares pass? Hallway ghost. FIAH! -- WiNTERiZER » Continue Reading

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List of things I hate

Category: Blogging

WANT TO KNOW WHAT I HATE?! ---- I HATE... RACISTS! You think your white skin is cool? How about I throw you in some black tar, you piece of shit? ---- I HATE... SEXISTS! Your penis/vagina doesn't make you fucking cool! ---- I HATE... QUEERPHOBES! If you think being gay or trans is a sin, then you're fucking stupid. The Bible didn't say that until the church decided to make it up. And being gay or ... » Continue Reading

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