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Category: Life

there's some part of me that knows that many people thinks its cringy to relate to sad edits and that i'd probobly be a 'fake depressed kid' according to someone.  the edits titled "depression" and "dying alone". but part of me thinks, why is it cringy to have emotions. and then i think, because some people are faking it for attention, which is so shitty. but then i don't want people thinking that... » Continue Reading

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Hook + Loop

Category: Life

i really do enjoy crocheting. i've made three octopi(?) in pastel shades of red, orange, and yellow. i started in 2020, the year where there was nothing to do. i've made a couple of sweaters, but i also wish i could stay with prokects for long enough to finish them. i often start a new project before finishing my old one. this year, i want to finish or frog (frog means to undo, or like turn back i... » Continue Reading

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things i don't like :)

Category: Life

tiktok, especially the dances the sound of teeth the cold sleeping without complete darkness loud gamerzzz B) making sounds with your mouth, especially whistling british accents british people caking yarn (i like the end result tho) jake paul (or is it logan paul, i don't really know the diffrence tbh. don't care for either of em) nucular holocost » Continue Reading

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Relationships at the pizza shop, part two

Category: Life

i'm making k try to ask m for a ride home. they rode home together a couple days ago. k still won't ask m for his phone number, it's very sad smh. i may or may not have texted m to give k a ride home- i said that i was supposed to give her a ride home, but i got off early. that's not entirely false, i did get off early while i was supposed to stay a little longer.  speaking of work, i'm also think... » Continue Reading

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Relationships at the pizza shop

Category: Romance and Relationships

recently, i have come into the knowlage of a crush at work. there's someone, k, that likes m. i think they would be really good together tbh, but k won't do anything. i'm pressuring her into talking to him within two weeks, or i'm going to tell m about it. k seems okay with it. i am devious >:) i was asked out by a coworker a bit ago. we were friends before, and we are now. but when he started to ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

it might be donuts. i odn't know.  anyways, i bought a six pack of dougnuts today. i regret getting them honestly, it's just so much sugar and i know i'll eat them all. but i'm saying i wont eat anymore until work, and then hopefully they'll all be gone when i come back. there were three flavors in the pack- strawberry, glazed, and chocolate. i was kinda looking forward to it, but it was strangely... » Continue Reading

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