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Why? (TW)

Category: Life

Every now and then I wish I was in a world were jail wasn't a thing. I mean why do I have to go to jail if I kill someone? People need to know not to hurt others, because you will get hurt back. Every school year, bullying, rumors, mean teachers, and other family members thinking I'm weird; Lately my ex-friends keep making fun of me, if we were living in a different world with no consequences, I w... » Continue Reading

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The life of a lonely boy.

Category: Life

There was a boy I knew, who would talk to everyon » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Sometimes I feel like no ever gets me, the kids at school, my parents, family, teachers. Lately I have been diagnosed neruodivergent and all my life I had trouble with anxiety and I also get overwhelmed easily and everytime I do my mom is always telling people or just making it known that I'm a "teenage angst and angry thing" which I am maybe sometimes but it's not the case most of the time, atlea... » Continue Reading

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