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Meet Your God

Category: News and Politics

in Palestine, Sudan, the Congo, Haiti, Yemen, Puerto Rico, Tigray, Hawaii, Ethiopia, Somalia, Amerikkka, and all across this Earth we share, there is a struggle - for for freedom, for living; not against dying, because that is just as much a part of our nature as living itself is, but against ki » Continue Reading

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transformation & evolution online

Category: Blogging

per my last blog post: a message i sent to a friend the other day : " but yeah, i'm someone who likes to reinvent themselves feels unfair that they (They) get to just Store my Past Incarnations in a server somewhere » Continue Reading

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the signs at the pier.

Category: Life

the ones that say "it is illegal to sell fish from here because there is mercury in the fish, mercury & other toxins." next to, or under, the ones that say, "no skateboarding, no biking, no bonfires, no drinking, no drugs, n--" » Continue Reading

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spacehey "culture"

Category: SpaceHey

Spacehey gave us an opportunity, to create something new old good. a virtual space reminiscent of the older world wide web; for finding & sharing art, our personal journeys & experiences (but when & where & how we wanted to, wi » Continue Reading

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a message i sent to a friend today

Category: Blogging

summarizes my thoughts on a lot of this shit yeah i recently realized social media has changed from random cool people blogging to algorithms forcing us all to be Human Product if we want 'an audience' even if it's an audience of j our friends. retro social media like spacehey is so much better but even that's » Continue Reading

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cool, colorful shops/items/clothes

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

ohmonah shop - i got my favorite bag from them! it's shaped & colored like a very vibrant tuna moyukobi - every single thing they sell is so fucking bright. it's delightful block books - they're basically interactive art books » Continue Reading

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not all of Gen Z is as glued to a screen as you might think...

Category: News and Politics

disclaimer: i did take approximately one sociology class at Santa Monica College, and failed it. i am not a sociologist, nor am i entitled enough to think i've discovered something & should get to name it; i am a student/artist/writer observing a phenomenon that may not even exist outside of my community, and this is what i, myself, call it (but you can call it whatever you want): » Continue Reading

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benny's cooking blog: clam chowder with radish! 3/30/24

Category: Food and Restaurants

hello to my 51 friends so far! yesterday, my family was gifted a huge radish by our friend Natalie, from NourishLA. this morning, i woke up and it was cloudy; raining. it was going to be a slow, lazy, cozy day inside, and i figured out how i wanted to use the radish: by putting it into a soup. but not just any soup! clam chowder.   nasty as hell if you make it wrong, but a filling, delicious gift ... » Continue Reading

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guys, should i get into cars?

Category: Automotive

not boring ones, like, not some random ass Prius that the owner didn't do anything to, but like - model cars - cool paint-jobs - those weird vehicles Burners make - racing (not doing it. watching it) how else does one 'get into' cars? ("well usually, you open the door first...") first steps? » Continue Reading

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my favorite videos on youtube // april 2024

Category: Blogging

& all for different reasons fat history episode 12  - a really fascinating and hidden aspect of history; this episode is about the fat men's clubs of the late 19th & early 20th centuries » Continue Reading

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