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More about me (for those interested in wanting to know)

Category: Life

My life has always been a pretty cut and dry open book, in that if people ask me questions or if they want to know things, I tend to just blab on and on. But, usually I don't talk about things unless i'm asked directly. That being said I figured I'd just go ahead and reveal a few things. I'm 44 years old. (I hate the term old because I'm honestly not.) (Your age does not in any way define you as a... » Continue Reading

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I think for now i'm gonna stick to Facebook and Twitter.

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

At least until they start allowing CSS and HTML codes to work which I highly doubt since they are mostly flash-based. I'll be the first to admit I'm not savvy when it comes to coding much at all. So if anyone wants to fill me in on places that generate Premade Layout codes etc. That actually work for this site, I'm all ears. Ya'll have a good one.  You can find me on twitter here:  https://twitter... » Continue Reading

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So, Right off the bat I've noticed some things I don't like about Spacehey (that name's gotta go! lol)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So while trying to edit my profile I've noticed it's just not possible to do at all. No codes work. Css and HTML codes don't work in anyway either. Nothing spaces the way I type it out at all. Instead it looks like one gigantic long cluster fuck of run on sentances. I really hate that. It's a huge shame that none of the old myspace Layout creator codes work anymore. So much wasted opportunity to m... » Continue Reading

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So...hmmm...Myspace is back I guess...or sorta. Well, a clone of it anyway...

Category: Blogging

Interesting. brings back a ton of Nostalgia for me seeing this clone site. I hope it does well for what it is. Watched a recent Internet Today video over on youtube and that's how I found out about the place. Waaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in myspace's peak before it died and went to shit, and was taken over by musicians and actors and whatnot, they used to have groups. I ran a pretty successful Transfor... » Continue Reading

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