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Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Terror // My Opinion

Category: Music

Hey, I noticed that BMTH released a new EP in 2020, since it randomly got recommended for me in my music app. I noticed only now because I stopped looking into their new music - amo really wasn't it in my opinion. But I was curious and put the album on. It started with the song "Dear Diary," When they started playing I instantly thought holy crap that sh*t bussin'!! It wasn't exactly like the olde... » Continue Reading

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I am starting testosterone soon & struggles ⚧💉

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I recently received a letter from my psychiatrist, saying that he finished an indication writing regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy.  This came a little unexpected, since he, or rather the therapist he works with that I go to too, always used to do things very slowly:  The last update I got from the therapist was that she wants me to explain my transness by psychosocial causes, before she allow... » Continue Reading

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