Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Terror // My Opinion

Hey, I noticed that BMTH released a new EP in 2020, since it randomly got recommended for me in my music app. I noticed only now because I stopped looking into their new music - amo really wasn't it in my opinion.

But I was curious and put the album on.

It started with the song "Dear Diary,"
When they started playing I instantly thought holy crap that sh*t bussin'!!
It wasn't exactly like the older stuff, but pretty similar and it went fucking hard and I loved it. It reminds me of my own emotions when I feel like disconnecting and freaking out.
Fucking Bop! Favorite from the EP!

So I was really optimistic for the rest of the album - But I got a little disappointed tbh. It's not bad bad, but it's like a mix of sempiternal and amo. It's just not heavy enough for me in personal. My favorite Albums were sempiternal and suicide season, and I've always been more attracted to their hard music

Songs that I also enjoyed were "Obey" and "Kingslayer" though. Obey got a little 2000's pop punk spice tho, I feel like. And at some points Kingslayer sounds like some nightcore song or anime intro xD but still fine

"One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death" hit me really hard. It gives me a very melancholic vibe and reminds me of a toxic relationship I was in - so I'll probably drop a tear at night to this song sometime.

The other songs (Parasite Eve ,Β  Teardrops ,Β  Itch For The Cure ,Β  1x1 ,Β  Ludens) were rather meh all in all.

PS: I know artists change and I don't hate BMTH for changing their style over time. Just not my favorite anymoreΒ  Β : )

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