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There is a dumb bug on this website

Category: SpaceHey

So at some point, it's quite random really. it will randomly open your entire browsing history by tabs.  It happened only when i use spacehey. triggered when i heavily browsing spacehey I suspect it's bcoz of myspace layout or whatever. Just saying.  » Continue Reading

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dont promote lame ass music on my page pls

Category: Life

im only into alternative rock, progressive rock, emo and indie rock and some metal (ballad metal) if it aint that, dont bother  » Continue Reading

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Thanks for the add guys

Category: Friends

I'm new on this website. Lucky i have html skills at my school :D so i can get used by the layout editing pretty quick. I have instagram @varvaragotika . let's follow each other too if u have insta I'll accept everyone, as long you're not weird or creepy :D I also have vkontakte, if you know what it is I do » Continue Reading

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