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Music Surveys and Reasonings in Rambles

Category: Quiz/Survey

Testing a new layout, decided to do this for the funsies.  1. favorite song of all time? - Of all time? Very hard one to answer, but I think if I had to pick ONE like one song that is my absolute fa » Continue Reading

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My Ungodly Obsession With Flat Eric (and my goal to get one)

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Once a month, I'll remember this little critter exists, because I love mr oizo and then for about a couple of days I'll think about flat eric and obsess over the little plush they came out with of him and i cry because its like $200+ bc its vintage or whatever, and then i get over it, and it repeats the next month. No one gets my actual obsession with Flat Eric. No one gets how BADLY I need one in... » Continue Reading

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Newsflash! People on the internet lie! Alot!

Category: SpaceHey

Stop interacting with them. Block the people "grooming" you, and report them. They make a new account? Repeat the process. I'm not about to go through tons and tons of blogs just to read about some grooming drama on the fuckin internet that could have been prevented if you just blocked them right away. » Continue Reading

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