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Newsflash! People on the internet lie! Alot!

Stop interacting with them. Block the people "grooming" you, and report them. They make a new account? Repeat the process. I'm not about to go through tons and tons of blogs just to read about some grooming drama on the fuckin internet that could have been prevented if you just blocked them right away.

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honestly i don't wanna pin the blame on kids for men bein creepy. they don't really have a choice about who's deciding to bother them but you're right about people needing to be more liberal with the block button. like why bother spending time writing a dni or a callout post when people like that are gonna ignore it anyway??? kids on here treat spacehey like it's twitter and it's uhhhhh annoying

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This site is such a fuckin mess rn. I've been on the internet so fuckin long, been groomed several times, it's nothing new on the internet, but to keep playing into it, and continuing and continuing with these conversations with these adults for whatever fuckin reasons, and then when they end it (finally) they go off making dni lists, and callouts upon callouts, honestly just to start shit (not even to spread awareness) and all this other shit instead of just blocking them is just making a bigger problem. DNI lists do NOTHING because someone can easily just make a new account under a new name and who is gonna know? This spacehey shit goin on rn is so stupid, I honestly just want to stay off this site till it goes back to normal. This is why we cant have nice things

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