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Category: Friends

JOINJOINJOIN its so dead rn i want it to thrive and i just rebranded and updated it!! CLICK HERE AAAA » Continue Reading

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im so tired of living here

Category: Life

so i was out getting things for dinner and a craft project im working on with my mom and we pulled into our back gate and some guy with a large knife on his hip was stealing from us, my mom told him to get the fuck off our property and he did and we made sure he left she filed a report and everything but this all happened after a convo with her about me possibly developing schizophrenia and shit a... » Continue Reading

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i want friends

Category: Friends

like, same aged friends, its kinda hard being friends with people a few years younger than you because i cant like, talk like an adult with them or about adult things! theyre still teens (yes i am too) but like man » Continue Reading

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dnd is stressful

Category: Games

havent even played a game and it stresses me out man » Continue Reading

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