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im brokee :(

Category: Life

i want money so bad rn... i want more belts and clothes, i cant live without them :( i might have to start selling cr4ck at this point bro, i jst cant.  i basically am at the mall 4eva and cant even buy anything. » Continue Reading

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My mom is being lame :(

Category: Life

my mom doesn't wanna go anywhere with me im so boredddddddd. I cant wai't till i can drive and take myself places. this shits so lame. >:( » Continue Reading

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wsg spacehey :) help me out!

Category: Life

I'm shopping rn cause im bored, anyone got good suggestionz for where i can buy like a nice flowy cute hippie skirt cause i cant find one at allll :( anyways, im getting really into the band falling in reverse, like i know thier music is kinda old and they made like one of the most trademark emo songs ever but » Continue Reading

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