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my so called semi-charmed life

Category: Life

"when im with you i feel like i could die and that would be alright" I feel this in a way, when im with someone i love it would be ok if i died because im there with them and thats all id want. itd be alright  idk . just like a lyric that lingers in my mind. the more i listen to this song the more melancholy i feel. now that the lyrics are just synced into my brain and theyre more relatable than e... » Continue Reading

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the sky was rose, it was gold

Category: Music

cant stop listening to third eye blinds 'semi-charmed life'  i just want to listen to it all the time ,i am obsessed it does something to my brain chemicals the same way organ music does..... even right now im listening to it again. I believe in the faith that grows! and that is my faith in this song  » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

my first blog entry it is february 1st 2023    whats up B) » Continue Reading

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