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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Trees. This is a blog about... trees... I once opened my shampoo bottle and thought. I thought "what about the trees."  It's time i start to open up, to come forward with what i really think. Tomato soup has a nice ring to it. Never disregard a free pen, never turn down a free pen. Some plastics don't make it all the way to your house. So what if i want to take a left at this stop sign? I hope the... » Continue Reading

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Blog #3

Category: Blogging

Here I am, blogging... The sun is out and the rain has stopped.  I watered my rosemary and mint—am I too early?  Any plant people out there? I’ve also renewed my Hello Fresh subscription and want to know what everyone does with theirs (meat, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.)  Bye! » Continue Reading

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Cold : Blog #2

Category: Food and Restaurants

This blog will be a real blog. So don't worry. No nonsense here. How is everyone's day? It's super cold out today! Some thoughts I have concerning cold weather... I really enjoy it, I feel as though I have better winter clothes than summer ones. I do love the summer though, sometimes. Sometimes people leave during the summer though and it makes me sad. This weekend i recorded some music with frien... » Continue Reading

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Travel : a blog #1

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Hello diary,  I am currently writing from the back of my friends truck. We are passing through the great Chattanooga Tennessee and it makes me makes me ask this question...where does such a town come from and who’s idea was it?  I’ve been ramblin this town for years now. My mind wanders. So many traffic cones. Two hearts per car.  Ice on the roads and haters in my rear view.  So here’s... » Continue Reading

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