Cold : Blog #2

This blog will be a real blog. So don't worry. No nonsense here. How is everyone's day? It's super cold out today! Some thoughts I have concerning cold weather...
I really enjoy it, I feel as though I have better winter clothes than summer ones. I do love the summer though, sometimes. Sometimes people leave during the summer though and it makes me sad. This weekend i recorded some music with friends in nashville and also got to see my girlfriend who lives there. What a time! I really enjoy that town a lot, and there's good coffee too. Question... If any one is from there or goes frequently, have you ever eaten at Once Upon a Time in France? It's in East and looks super interesting but don't know if it's worth it or too touristy. Thanks! Ok, fun fact about me. I am originally from Kazakhstan--which is one of the top 10 largest countries in the world! What what! Hahah, I haven't been since I was super young though, but one day I will go back and explore. Here's a question to leave you with... What's your go to junk food or fast food restaurant?? Let me know in the comments! Peace and love to all you ramblers out there. Bye! 

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