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"I'm sick (╥_╥)"

hellooo! I'm Kokoro Momoiro, a student in class 1-2. I'm gyaru :Р

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GIRLZ this is SUPER URGENT!!!☆o(><;)○

Category: Life

this is very urgent!!! We've completely run out of materials for gossip!! it was about the wh0re Kokona, about the strange Ayano, about the lesbi@n Osana... these were the most urgent gossip, and now we don’t know what to TALK about!!! girlz, please give me ideas for gossip - I will be VERY grateful!! < » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Who can I chat with on Discord? please, I only have one friend, she is 4 years older than me Please??? I will be glad to see my peers or those who are a little older/younger than me^-^ my discord: yttd.l0ve_66077 » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

The main gossip of this day is that today Raibaru hugged Osana before class, and after that they went somewhere together!! like, GIRLZ?? They weren't seen after that!! But Osana loves Tarot, doesn’t she? Treason or misunderstanding?! bisexual or wh0re? WTF LOL » Continue Reading

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Yandere Sim update!

Category: Games

h e l l o ! ! girlz, what do you think about the yandere simulator? namely - to the new update. I think it's cool..maybe??? of course i still think yan-dev is a lazy ass. WHO ELSE CAN MAKE A MOD WITH 10 RIVALS IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS BUT NOT MAKE THE GAME IN 10 YEARS??? ok, let's talk about the update. what do you like most?^-^ I'm probably most excited about the new (biology) classrooms. and new me... » Continue Reading

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hanging out with my girls>3

Category: Friends

https://pin.it/4ELKWlX We are walking in the park with Musume now. and also chatting with our Internet besties!! < » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Kokona, WHAT?! Well, you're a wh0re, of course.. there's already SO MUCH gossip about you, are you REALLY CRAZY?! ENJO KOSAI?!?!?! LOOOL, I didn't know you were so... ugh! » Continue Reading

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