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Do u consider blood disgusting ?

Category: Art and Photography

like visualizing some blood on someone's wrist or thighs or neck, Would u consider this thought disturbing? if so, how does it feel like? » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I act weird sometimes and I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT OKAY? I just ..idk i think this comes down to two main reasons, The first is that I stay isolated for a long time and I don't share anything with anyone, so I go insane and I do really stupid shall I say weird? stuff sometimes Without anyone knowing, without anyone telling me that this shit is abnormal, so I go on and on with my insanity. often until ... » Continue Reading

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I'm lost but it's okay

Category: Life

  I have been distracted from reality for too long and after multiple harsh reality checks, I admit I can feel nothing but regret. being distracted is not cool, It might seem cool at first maybe because the nature of life is sometimes too complicated to be understood and too cruel to be faced, so we intentionally leave it behind as we are not coming back, trying to forget about our problems and th... » Continue Reading

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