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I'm lost but it's okay

I have been distracted from reality for too long and after multiple harsh reality checks, I admit I can feel nothing but regret. being distracted is not cool, It might seem cool at first maybe because the nature of life is sometimes too complicated to be understood and too cruel to be faced, so we intentionally leave it behind as we are not coming back, trying to forget about our problems and the truth, which is harsh most of the time.

Unfortunately, I stayed in the flight zone for a little too long, if you are wondering how did that happen, well, I distracted myself from reality every chance I got. it felt good because it's like leaving a busy crowded city to live on a beautiful island, it felt good because I left the mess behind, pretending it doesn't exist.

but this is exactly the reason im suffering rn, it's like im paying the price of being irresponsible, i don't know why I thought there's no coming back, but here I am facing it all at once! I can't postpone solving my problems any longer.

                                                        * * * * *

Well, I'm scared, but I heard someone once saying that both the coward and the brave feel scared but what differentiates them is the action and I decided im gonna persevere.

and this is why I feel okay with being scattered, and im still in the process of learning how not to be hard on myself, and I believe it starts with accepting the mistakes and learning from them instead of self-punishment or self-devaluation.

                                                        * * * * *

Life is complicated and there's no specific way of living life,

so in the cruelty of this massive messy world, we shouldn't be harsh on ourselves nor stress ourselves to do things in a specific way, for any fucking reason. We should be doing things in our own way driven by our own insights and visions, which are so unique from everyone else.

At the end of the day we are all worthy of all of what we hope for and dreamed of. and I genuinely wish for things to become easier for everyone else! <<<3

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Thanks, this makes me feel somewhat better. Hope it'll go well for you as well !

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thank u, hun<3

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