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my long overdo DNI and di list

Category: SpaceHey

dni list   1. the basic homophobia racism ect 2.rly juge mental people or people with little pacients  3. 17/18 DNI I know I already have this on page but some people dont know how to read so I'm putting it here "unless I know you other wise dni" 4.we have nothing in common I'm open to learning new things but I want to at least have one thing in common we don't have to have every thing In common b... » Continue Reading

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HOW TO BLOCK COOL NEW PEOPLE :) "only worked on computer

Category: SpaceHey

first If get the extension ublock origin  then click on the gear go to my filters and paste this code then it should work stay safe y'all  here's a cute cat » Continue Reading

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scene kids <3 slight eyestrain

Category: Blogging

I love scene kid fashion sm it comforts me so much I wanna be scene soo bad eeee XD » Continue Reading

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splatoon queston

Category: Games

are you an inkling or an octoling im an inkling  » Continue Reading

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for pokemon fans!!!

Category: Games

whats y'all favorite pokemon mine are i clearly like blueish pokemon but my fav color purple » Continue Reading

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queston for splatoon fans

Category: Blogging

for splatoon players whats yalls mains or favorite weapons  mines are splat dualies roller and octobrush (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧ » Continue Reading

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