HOW TO BLOCK COOL NEW PEOPLE :) "only worked on computer

first If get the extension ublock originΒ 

then click on the gear go to my filters and paste this codeΒ

then it should work stay safe y'allΒ 

here's a cute cat

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Jasper/Vince (⁠^⁠.⁠_⁠.⁠^⁠) 🏳️‍⚧️

Jasper/Vince (⁠^⁠.⁠_⁠.⁠^⁠...'s profile picture

Stay safe everyone! :D

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marbles πŸ‰ (inactive)

marbles πŸ‰ (inactive)'s profile picture

i tried using it on my phone and ended up seeing an awful pfp when i tried it out stay safe y'all

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