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Spamton (Art)

Category: Art and Photography

Here have a Spamton Because your epic (Approx date Nov 2022) » Continue Reading

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Zombie Tord (clay)

Category: Art and Photography

Um that seat is already taken... Behold! I've decided to make lil clay zombie Tord the first thing i shall show to you all! I'm really » Continue Reading

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Rainbow Smile (art)

Category: Art and Photography

Wasn't sure what my first art post on here should but I decided everyone might like this pixel smile thingy I did in 2021. It also comes in gif form. I hope these come out all right. You are free to use these as a pfp! » Continue Reading

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change text color

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I have no idea how to change the text and font color on my profile to all white so people can yknow read it? I've tried everything and I feel like a giant idiot what am i doing wrong help pls aaa » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Hey there! I wanted to make this account for awhile but procrastinated but now here I am. I plan on posting my art on here (most of it might be old. Will try to date it accordingly) if that interests people. Might take me some time to fully set up and decorate everything but I am excited! c: » Continue Reading

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