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hot/cold take idk

Category: Blogging

ive been reading blogs of boredom and i coulve sworn that 9/10 its just some of yall hating on 13 years old. istg its always been a thing, i remember when i was 13 an seeing all the hate everywhere. it never changes, yall need to unerstand that it is NORMAL for a 13 yo to be cringe and weird. its a phase that every single oe of us ha ro go through and yeah now everything is wayy worst then before ... » Continue Reading

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I need help from the gals (>△<Uu

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Okay so  i really need help as a baby gyaru. Idk where to start, i mean i already know what style of makeup i like so that okay i guess, but i have difficulties adding on top lashes and i need some simple gal make for school (i go to a private school so..). I usually do a rokku type of makeup but idk i want to try something else out, but ngl rn makeup is the least of my problems cause i know how t... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I think i accidentally mixed two layouts together😭😭 i dont hate it at all but can someone explain to me how that happe » Continue Reading

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!!Online stores recommendation!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Does anyone have any online store recommendations?? Cause im going on a trip soon and i need new clothes. I wear any type of clothes but i prefer dark when it comes to baggy clothes, also j really want to try out gyaru fashion (the color palette doesnt bother me very much anything is fine ^^) but idk where to start » Continue Reading

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