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hot/cold take idk

ive been reading blogs of boredom and i coulve sworn that 9/10 its just some of yall hating on 13 years old. istg its always been a thing, i remember when i was 13 an seeing all the hate everywhere. it never changes, yall need to unerstand that it is NORMAL for a 13 yo to be cringe and weird. its a phase that every single oe of us ha ro go through and yeah now everything is wayy worst then before because of social media ESPECIALLY tiktok, but its genuinely not their fault that they ended up like that.although, i will say that i do think that they have no respect for anyone and know nothing about how to behave in society, but the blame the parents, not the kids. its the parents that decided to shove phones into their kids life before they could even functionate and its their fault for not managaging their social media usage. plus yall are no better than them. im pretty sure that a lot of you guys have like 9hours and more of screen time per DAY, only reason why you guys are allowing yourself to critique those kids is cause youre "older" and had it "better" when you were younger, but people were as much of haters then than now an its genuinely upsetting. instead of hating on your 13 years old brain rotted cousin, help them find fun things to do that oesnt include a phone, like going to the park or playing with pokemin cards or like idk play just dance  

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