I need help from the gals (>△<Uu

Okay so  i really need help as a baby gyaru. Idk where to start, i mean i already know what style of makeup i like so that okay i guess, but i have difficulties adding on top lashes and i need some simple gal make for school (i go to a private school so..). I usually do a rokku type of makeup but idk i want to try something else out, but ngl rn makeup is the least of my problems cause i know how to do it for outside of school. What i need help with are outfits…like ik that i can find really good pieces of clothes in thrift shops but idk it feels like i never know what to buy and it also feels like whenever i actually do buy clothes it somehow almost never fits in with the gyaru look. Could also be because i always go towards bigger clothes but im trying to get rid of this habit. However its kinda hard cause somedays i just be feeling uncomfortable in my body so likkeee (>囗<?)

Anyways itd be fun to have some help and comments plssss (⋟﹏⋞)

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