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16/06/2023 Today

Category: Life

Okay so I know that I already posted last night, and I put it as the 16th, but that doesn't matter, because I'm awesome and everyone should totally listen to my rambling. Anyway, I had my niece over today, and she is the best toddler in the world, because she's related to me, which is just amazing if you ask me. But we had a brilliant time, we had a barbeque cause the heat in Scotland is beautiful... » Continue Reading

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16/06/2023 1:15AM Proper Introduction

Category: Life

I'm fifteen, I turn sixteen in just under a month, I live in Scotland and I've been dropped out of school since I was thirteen or fourteen, I really can't remember but before that I hardly went, which is shite I actually loved learning, when I would finally wrap my head around a maths question or finally understood something in science it was like a serotonin boost to my brain. Sadly I was severel... » Continue Reading

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First Post!

Category: Friends

Hey, I'm brand new here and even though I know that no one will see this I'd love to meet new people and interact with people that also like Criminal Minds, The Secret History and basically any films/tv shows/books! And music, sadly I left my headset at my cousins ): » Continue Reading

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