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16/06/2023 Today

Okay so I know that I already posted last night, and I put it as the 16th, but that doesn't matter, because I'm awesome and everyone should totally listen to my rambling.

Anyway, I had my niece over today, and she is the best toddler in the world, because she's related to me, which is just amazing if you ask me. But we had a brilliant time, we had a barbeque cause the heat in Scotland is beautiful the now, sadly it started going cooler and a bunch of clouds came in so we headed inside. 

I got a birthday card my dad sent, he drew himself in the jail which I found really funny ngl, the man may be slightly touched in the head but he is comical, its currently 7:27 and I need to run to the shop, because, well, why not you know.

Annyyywaayyy this'll be a short one, not much has happened today, ooohhh the neighbours are arguing, oohh drama. Who doesn't love listening to other peoples drama, its always better when its not your own.


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