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16/06/2023 1:15AM Proper Introduction

I'm fifteen, I turn sixteen in just under a month, I live in Scotland and I've been dropped out of school since I was thirteen or fourteen, I really can't remember but before that I hardly went, which is shite I actually loved learning, when I would finally wrap my head around a maths question or finally understood something in science it was like a serotonin boost to my brain.

Sadly I was severely bullied and just physically couldn't interact with my peers, and so I dropped out, not the best I know, I still stay at home and go to work with my mum, which is some sort of monetary  freedom.

I clean, a lot, it's basically my job in the house, it's been this way since I was about ten or eleven, I'm not gonna lie its low-key torture, not even the physical kind, its the mental kind. It doesn't matter just how much I clean and cook it's like its never enough?

Okay I'm going on a rant but I need to get this off my chest, just the other day I woke up and just felt drained and I walked down the stairs and that whole day my mum never stopped with her little stinging comments, all because I never cleaned up properly, nevermind that I was away for three days and she couldn't keep on top of the house while I was gone.

It's not just the cleaning that gets me, its that its constant, my brother never cleans my mother hardly cleans its just all left up to me, but when I don't do it its verbal abuse and she suddenly can't stand the sight of me, its exhausting.

Anyway onto a different topic, I have two brothers, both are older, one is twenty one and the other is eighteen, the eighteen year old is currently on a police enforced curfew which he broke just a couple of days ago, so he was in the cells over the weekend, (which I've heard is even worse while hungover XD)The twenty one year old is constantly arguing with his wife, which is really entertaining I can't lie. My dads in jail but he gets out next month, that's good I guess.

I tried to go to college for beauty and hair but I never even made it through the first course, because I can't lie, I hate it, with a burning passion. Criminology really peaked my interest but I don't have the GCSE's to be able to get into any course and so my plan is to hopefully get in touch with the school and try to arrange a way to catch up on all my work without having to physically be there. 

So, wish me luck I guess. 

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